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Nyla and Noelle

Nyla and Noelle LLC is a direct sales company specializing in boutique clothing.  Our clothing is sold only through our Curators.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Richmond, Virginia. Our family has been in the formal wear, boutique clothing and resort wear business for 10 years. Undoubtedly the most asked question our customers have when they visit our boutique is "how did we get into this business"?  Then almost unanimously they express their personal desire to own their own boutique and work in the glamorous fashion industry.  We eventually came to realize there was a great need and audience for a low cost entry into the fashion world.  We used our contacts with designers, manufacturers and considerable industry knowledge to create just such an opportunity for our Curators.

At Nyla and Noelle we empower our Curators to live their dreams of running a fashion based business from home, without all of the start up costs of a brick and mortar boutique.  Our Curators are offered the opportunity to enjoy a profitable business while maintaining a balanced work and family life.  

 We operate on a fast fashion platform, meaning our stock is limited edition and constantly changing throughout the season.

Read our "Become a Curator" page and contact us today about running your own fashion empire from home.







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