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Become a Curator

Become a Nyla and Noelle Curator 

Join our fun and profitable tribe - Option #1: Purchase one of our Pop Boxes of your choice.  Once the purchase is confirmed, one of our staff member will contact you to start the on boarding process. Option #2: Fill out the form below to begin the journey or you can email us at onboarding@nylaandnoelle.com .  Our On Boarding staff will contact you within one business day.  If you decide to become a Curator our On Boarding staff will handle all aspects of your training.  To begin as a Curator you will simply start with a POP Box, in the option of your choice, which is your complete pop up boutique in a box.

 Please visit our POP Box page for more information on each POP Box option.   https://www.nylaandnoelle.com/collections/pop-boxes

 A Few of the Perks to Joining Our Team 
(Full details will be given during the On-Boarding process)
  • Ability to choose all styles, colors and sizes of items you receive, excluding the POP box and legging design. 
  • Generous profit margin.
  • Bonus options such as referral fee and future discounts for referring other Curators to our company.
  • Incentive plans including the Master Curator status for exceptional sales volume. Incentives include, but not limited to, free shipping, free merchandise, store credit, access to all lines and special listing status on Find a Curator. 
  • Once you have met certain purchase amounts the minimum monthly re-order quantity will be waived the rest of the calendar year.  Once you have reached this goal it gives Curators the freedom to enjoy the holidays, a vacation, a maternity pause, or other events for the remainder of the year with no pressure to maintain active status. 



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